The Ark 53x24 inch oil on panel

The Ark
53×24 inch oil on panel

Mysterious landscapes depict psychological states, moods and nostalgia while still life uses allegory and metaphor to explore ideas of conservation, society and the self.

Dreams, memories, and personal themes find expression in these images that can be distilled into larger universal questions.

Palm Springs show

Fantastical Art By Cynthia James

Cynthia James is a Santa Barbara based artist whose love of nature, activism, and fantastical themes combine to create a dreamlike world that takes us to the edge of our imaginations.

Copyright ©2015 Cynthia James Fine Art. All rights reserved.

Video Production: KLL Video Production
Sound Mixing: EMTEX Studio
Voice over: Cynthia James
Production assistant: Nicole Ford
Script consultant: Brooke Harker
Still Photography: Tyson Ellis
Music: Saltwater Cowboys, Pond 5
Location assistance: Sullivan Goss, An American Gallery
Executive producer: Cynthia James